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Floorcloths originated in France in the 1400s and were introduced to the American colonies via recycled ships’ sails. They were used to cover dirt and wooden floors in early American homes. With the introduction of linoleum and carpet the tradition nearly became extinct. I discovered the craft and began making floor cloths for my personal use about 20 years ago. Thankfully, they are becoming extremely popular again because of their vibrant colors, durability and versatility.
My floorcloths are made of heavy canvas with several layers of primer paint and preservative coatings on front and back. They have a non-skid coating for hard surface floors and wash with simple soap and water. With proper care, they will grace your floors for many years.
Designs are contemporary compositions of ancestral art. I can also collaborate with you to create a specialty piece incorporating your décor, fabrics or colors. Of course, if you would prefer them as wall art, they are easily convertible.

Sahara Brown

55" x 31" - $565.00

Baja Yellow

56" x 30" - $565.00

Baja Blue

59" x 34" - sold

Morocco Red

56" x 30" - $565.00

Bellbowrie Yellow

57" x 26" - $1980.00

Mozambique Brown

58" x 14" - $465.00

Mali Brown

55" x 30" - $565.00

Navajo 1865

55" x 30" - $665.00

Homestead Yellow

58" x 32" - $565.00

Mauri Blue

35" x 27" - $465.00